Fairbairn Golf Club

Our Sponsors

The Fairbairn Golf Club (FGC) thanks our sponsors for their various contributions to our club.
Club members are encouraged to support the sponsors directly through use of their specialist services.

FGC Prize vouchers may only be redeemed at the sponsors listed on the prize vouchers.
Other sponsors provide the club with services and funding in exchange for their sponsorship.

Drummond Golf
Jim Murphy

Mayner & Cochran
Canberra Southern Cross Club
Murrumbateman Rural Supplies
Online Appliance Spares
Results Plumbing
Canberra Airport
Counterfeit Copy
Bridgestone Service Centre
Everlast Automotive
Redhill Butcher
Seears Workwear
JWS Removals
Bray Water and Earthworks
Hayhoe Golf
Paragalli Haulage

Sponsor Offers

FGC Prize Vouchers

FGC Prize Vouchers may be used at the following businesses:

Canberra Southern Cross Club - Community Rewards Program
Fairbairn Golf Club is a member of the CSCC's Community Rewards Program. Any FGC member (or family and friends) who link their CSCC membership to the FGC as a Community Partner supports the club through a return to the club based on any spend at the CSCC (see Community Rewards - Fairbairn Golf Club).