Fairbairn Golf Club

Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds

Out of bounds is defined by the boundary fences, white stakes/poles or white stakes/poles with black tops/stripes.

2. Roads and Paths

All roads and paths on the course, even if not artificially-surfaced, are treated as immovable obstructions from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.

3. Abnormal Course Conditions

Ground Under Repair (GUR) is defined by any area encircled by a white line or blue stakes. GUR includes (whether marked or not), all new/maintenance work, distinguishable machinery/vehicle tyre marks, and bare patches or animal marks on the greens (when the ball is lying on the green).

4. Relief from Exposed Tree Roots and Rocks on Fairway

If a player's ball lying in the fairway has interference from tree roots or exposed rocks, relief is available under Rule 16.1b. But interference does not exist if the tree root/exposed rock only interfere with the player's stance.

5. Relief from Animal and Water Damaged Bunkers

If a ball lying in a bunker has interference from water or animal damage (where sand has been removed by the movement of water resulting in deep furrows or areas of damage caused by kangaroos/rabbits) relief is available under Rule 16.1c. But interference does not exist if only interfering with the player's stance.

6. Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Green

Relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken under Rule 16.1. The player also has these extra options to take relief when such immovable obstructions are within 2 club lengths to the putting green and on the line of play.

7. Ornamental Garden Beds and Mulched Areas

Ornamental garden beds are defined by a white stake with a green top. These are defined as a no play zone and free relief MUST be taken from these areas as per Rule 16.1f. If the area has no stake whilst still mulched it is an integral part of the course and the ball must be played as it lies. Breach of local rule - General penalty as per Rule 14.7a.

8. Protection of Young Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs identified by stakes or protective cages are no play zones. If such a tree or shrub interferes with the player's stance, area of intended swing, or immediate line of play the player MUST take relief under Rule 16.1f.

9. Status of Area of Sand Adjacent 8th Fairway

The prepared area of sand on the right-hand side of the 8th fairway is part of the general area and not a bunker. Play the ball as it lies.

10. Penalty for Breach of Local Rule

General Penalty.